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 The drone experience is one to be learnt and taught. Above all it is one seeked by the world.

Become a

Welcome to the training wing of Fly Camp. We are so excited that you want to become one of us. From the grade of 5 all the way to the level of universities, you will teach as a certified trainer. It isn’t just about teaching, it is way much more. Let’s find out!



flight instructor

You start out as a flight instructor by learning the fundamental principles and get a complete understanding of flight dynamics, the flight characteristics, set-up and working. Above all, you will learn the art of teaching.

drone technician

An upgrade to drone technician, you will deal with components and building the drone including the system architecture. Handling of the tools, assembly and tuning and troubleshooting a drone will all be part of your learning.

certified trainer

The drone expert. This is where you have a piece of extensive knowledge and experience in the field. You will handle operations, presentations, setup, and also conduct practical experiments. You will be an integral part of planning and organization.


Our community of flycampers seek you to be part of our adventures. Begin learning the science of drones and their technology.


The science of drones is still in its infancy. The vast possibilities need to be explored and innovated. Is becoming a researcher your calling?

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